Active Sync stopped working


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Jun 24, 2005
After I downloaded the update to LBP my Active Sync stopped connecting. It only allows me to connect as a guest, but doesn't allow me to sync. APDL SingleSync on the other hand displays this message, (File Not Found. ActiveSync File Syncronization is not turned on. Please open ActiveSync. Allow your PDA to complete a full sync, before re-running APDL SingleSync) What could have happened and how would you recommend me fixing Active Sync?
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Logbook Pro has no effect on ActiveSync partnerships. I suggest removing your PPC from the cradle and recradling it and see if that resolves your issue. This is common with Pocket PC's, sometimes it connects as Guest, sometimes with the partnership assigned.
I re-downloaded ActiveSync and seemed to resolve my problem, Thanks
On another subject, I noticed that with the new update that when I Single Sync my data to LBP that when I tab through my entries to edit some of the problems I face ie. taking the remarks section where I enter crew and sequences and copy and paste to custom fields I have created, one for captain, one for crew (flight attendant) and I put sequence #'s in the trip column. I noticed that as I tab through approaches the pop up window appears. I have put on my wish list that a VIS approach be added. Is there anything going to be done to add a VIS approach? Also in future APDL updates I also wish there would be separate crew entries for each leg as we don't always fly with the same crew every sequence. Thanks

Glad ActiveSync is resolved! Pocket PC's and ActiveSync are a bit finicky at times!!!

First off, I have to try and duplication the issue you mention by just tabbing across the approach column is causing the dialog to appear. It should only appear if pressing spacebar or enter, not TAB. I'll open a bug tracking case to resolve that. As for the new approach types, we can't add any until the next major version due to the hard wiring of approaches in the current version. The next version will allow you to manage approach types as you wish.

Thanks for the feedback, we're always striving to improve.