Cannot sync Mobile 5


Sep 13, 2005
Hey Neal,

Having difficulty to syncing mobile 5. I get a message stating that "ActiveSync file syncronization is not turned on". Tells me to click on options and files in the active sync. Tried that several times with no luck. I uninstalled all components and reinstalled with no luck.

Thanks for the help.

No Luck

Tried that and still get the same message. Says my sync is not turned on.

Not sure what I am doing wrong.
Are you using SingleSync or the Schdule Importer ?

If its the Schedule Importer, it is not yet MS Compatible ?

If you are using SingleSync make sure the PDA is on, the ActiveSync icon on the taskbar is green then run SingleSync. The "Pocket PC" check box should not be grayed out.

On the first page of SingleSync click "About" and let us know what the version is ?
ok, sorry for the late reply. I am using the singlesync, the PDA is on, and the circle is green. The version is the latest downloaded from your site. 6.1.1

The message comes up: File not found. Syncronization is not turned on. Click (options) then (files). Run a full sync before attempting Singlesync.