Workaround for inability to sync PPC with Logbook Pro


New member
Jul 2, 2008
I have an aging PPC device with APDL 6.1.4 (Windows Mobile 5 on a Tero 700wx), along with Logbook Pro 1.10.42 on a Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 desktop. The PPC will not sync with the desktop anymore, no matter what tricks I try. Have attempted to uninstall USB drivers and reboot computer, soft reset the PPC device, but no luck.

The only reliable way left to transfer data to and from the PPC is via the SD card slot, which is how I import my schedule into APDL. Now to my question: What files do I access in APDL on the PPC device and how do I get them into Logbook Pro?
Hello Olle,

Logbook Pro will need to pull the data via ActiveSync (Windows XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (WinVista/7), it cannot be done manually. I suggest checking this KB article and also try disabling your anti-virus/security'ware momentarily to see if it's causing a conflict.

Other KB articles may be of interest as well.