ADPL & LBP time setups


Mar 29, 2005
My Domicle time zone is UTC+8. I have the ADPL Logpage set to ZULU and record the DATE as the ZULU date IE When I record a flight in ADPL that departs at 6am local on the 10th I write the DATE as the 9th and OUT time as 2200. After syncing with LBP I have to manually change the date of the entry in LBP to the correct date of the flight IE the 10th.

My other settings in ADPL Preferences/Timezone Settings are
Domicile Time Zone - UTC8
Logbook Time Zone - UTC8

Please, what am I doing wrong?

Should the DATE entry always be local the local date even if you have ZULU selected?
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Thanks, one more question.

Ive created a couple of new POSITION CATEGORIES and cannot get them to appear when I generate a report in LBP. The other categories like CA-PNF-DAY appear in the Detailed Flying reports just fine. An example of a category Ive generated is TCA-RS.