Aircraft Database by N Number


Nov 19, 2001
It would be great if you could keep an aircraft database by N-Number where the next field could be a pull down of the aircraft you already have in the configuration database. Then when entering a new entry you could entrer the N Number and it'll know the Aircraft type automatically. Additionally, there could be fields that could be specific per plane and not type, i.e. avionics etc.

The FAA has a website which allows you to search for particular N Numbers. I wonder if you could work with the FAA to allow some interface with them. The information provided has the Make, Model, registration name, etc.

Did you say 'work with the FAA?' You are a gov't employee, at least for now, come on now! :)

and, as we all know, Neal likes to keep his program applicable for all pilots, not just the american ones. This would add load to the program which is completely useless for anyone flying non-N registered planes like myself.

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I too fly many unregistered aircraft. Most military aircraft are not registered with the FAA, and I have flown aircraft throughout the world registered under home-nation rules. My point is that I have been able to use the FAA website several times to see what model of aircraft I flew back in 1988, or 1995. The information is there and accessible to all registered pilots, it just would be nice to have some sort of a link accessing the information. Most worldwide aircraft are also registered, and that information would be helpful as well. This program is 99% of what I have tried to do on my own. It is a great tool, and has some room to improve. It is just a suggestion, so take it or leave it.
Seabird, relax. The initial suggestion perhaps should have been worded 'registration number' rather than N-Number. As TrapAv8r said, most aircraft around the world are also registered one way or another so it is something you may beneift from as well.

As for the Database integration, there is one flaw. There are aircraft owners that keep the tail number. For example, I konw a company that has had the same tail number on two different model KingAirs and a Citation III. When they get a new plane they keep the number. My suggestion would hopefully not go back and change previous entries in the event a tail number changed planes.