Airline Apps Report Miltiary Sorite Addition Discrepancy


May 31, 2005
The Logbook Pro Airline Apps report does not seem to add sorties in the same way as the Airline Apps site. Here are two screen shots:

What I get from the report:

When I put the input-able fields into the site, I get this: (Notice the difference in the Total sorties)


The site is simply adding every column. Your report is doing something different and I can't figure out how to make the two sync. Your 1284 number is accurate according to my Analyzer - the 1721 is too high.

Thanks for your help.
We have adjusted this in the next build coming out soon. AirlineApps is adding up each of the input values to come up with their total. I don't agree that this is correct. The problem is that you could have sorties flown where you logged PIC and Instructor on the same sortie as I did in the A-10's. This would give you a sortie count for both PIC and IP which is what AirlineApps is not accounting for. They assume that you have sorties where there is only PIC flown and then only IP flown, etc.

So again, we have adjusted our report to only sum the input values as they are doing where in the current version we are providing a more accurate total. Their total can and will exceed your total sorties actually flown.