Airport info


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Jun 8, 2008
As I'm still getting used to the new program I find myself still looking for things. As a very long time user of the Palm APDL, I know where everything is. Does the new version have anything like the airport notes in the old version? I use that a lot for things like door codes, ops frequencies, other notes about the station or the hotel at that airport. Is that still available? If not, will it be added? I would really miss that simple feature when I have to give up the Palm. Thanks.
There are MANY features on a very long list to be included whenever there is time. (While not all of them are feature requests, we are in the 2000 numbers in our development tracker cases)

All of these things have to be prioritized and since we still have some bugs to work out, adding additional features is lower on that list. But I do believe airport notes (or something similar) is on that list.