airports database


Feb 10, 2002
One thing that I would like to see is an airports database, similar to what there is for aircraft. I'm thinking of a record for each airport that you input that would have things like towered / non towered, runway info, freq info etc, etc. At minimum I would like to be able to put in the ICAO identifier for the airport and have a drop down list to input the departure and destination airports.
I agree, being able to create a database of airports with drop down lists for entry would really come in handy. Fields I would like to see in the database would be Identifier, RWY's, Freq's,GPS cords and a small general comment section.
I too agree... But I also think that would necessitate the changing of the route field to TO and FROM columns.....I know of another logbook that has the airport list capability, so it's possible. THAT logbook, in my opinion, is not up to par with LogbookPro, as far as user customizabilty (is that a word??) and the many functions LogbookPro has to offer. If we could have the airport database, along with the option of TO & FROM or a route column, we'd have the best of both (or all three) worlds.