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Analyzer Time vs. Summary Bar Time


New member
Mar 21, 2003

I was just comparing thesummary bar "hours" and the analyzer "hours" and they don't match. The summary bar hours aresignificantly higher.

I have nothing filtered in the analyzer, show all data and all dates, and have the default settings for both views.

Am I doing something simple wrong or is there another postthat could helpwith my situation?


Ralph Marshall
Hi Ralph,

This is hard to answer without the sample numbers/settings. If you'd like, create a backup (File..Archive..Backup) and e-mail the BAK file to support for review. Be clear on what you are comparing so the scenario can be reproduced exactly as you are viewing the information.


I have reviewed the data file you sent. Whenever there is a discrepancy, 99% of the time it is one thing, an invalid YEAR in a logbook entry that falls outside the range of the built in query system. Sure enough, the first 16 rows of your flight log have invalid year values, falling before the Wright Brothers! :) The year values are 200 and 201 when I'm sure you meant 2000 and 2001. Once you adjust these data entry issues the numbers should then line up properly.

What do you mean I didn't log flight time in the year 200 !?! Everything adds up correctly now. Thanks for the great support!