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Summary Bar "Analyzer"


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Oct 6, 2015

I'd really like to see function built into the summary bar similar to what is in the Analyzer. I'd like to be able to configure the summary bar to display (for example) "PIC Helo" rather than just total PIC, or "Night Helo" rather than all night.

The only way I've figured out how to do it is to add custom time columns (Night R/W, PIC R/W, etc). Once I've got those new columns added, then they appear as an option in the Summary Bar options. The problem is now I have duplicate columns (the "Helo" columns as well as the over all columns) which just looks odd, and is annoying when logging time.

I hope this is clear.

The only way to have it show in the summary bar is do as you described. It however is not recommend as you over logging and it is an easy way to introduce errors into your log.

However, you can find those totals in the analyzer without using custom columns by just using Logbook Pro's filters.

PIC HELO & Night Helo

  • View..Analzyer..All Data
  • Click on the BLUE...Category filter and select only Rotorcraft and click back into the grid. You results will filter only showing your rotorcraft flights.
  • The PIC time now represents PIC Helo
  • The Night time now represents Night Helo

  • Another useful report is the Aircraft Configuration Totals Summary under the REPORTS...FLIGHT LOG menu option.

Please also review the following article on over logging

Logbook Pro Newsletter - May 2007 Edition

Let us know if you have any questions...
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