Missing flight time


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Dec 23, 2002
When I check the summary bar below the spreadsheet style logbook it shows an amount of total time hours.
When I check the Analyzer with ALL DATA it shows under hours about 1.000 hours less.
I am using Logbook Pro Professional Edition 1.16.9
Computer is Windows 10 64Bit
The problem is not the spreadsheet style but the analyzer. Spreadsheet is showing 11.114 hours and analyzer (ALL DATA) 10.079 hours.
And no filter is set. Button is not depressed.
Ok I analyzed it some more. In part of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 it is missing data in the analyzer from one type of aircraft. All the other dates the data is there but not in that period.
It uses the data in the summary bar but not in the analyzer.
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Nope dates are correct.
Analyzed it further.
When I take a month out of 2014 after februari and analyze that month it gives me a blank analyzer. Except when the aircraft type changes. So One type I flew regularly (+/- 70-80 hours a month) is not included in the analyzer from Januari 2014 until march 2015. (Before that no problem. After march 2015 I changed aircraft.) While it is present in the spreadsheet style logbook. I tried to make a Screen print but It will not paste correctly in my foto program.
I will first try to reinstall Logbook Pro. And see if that helps.
I just did an export to excel and even that showed the correct dates.
If I still have a problem after reinstallation I will submit a support ticket.
Thanks for your help.
I am gettin g an Internal Server error trying to subit a support tickiet including my BAK file.
I will try later again.