Analyzer tool expanded. (Wish list!)


New member
Dec 23, 2005
The analyzer tool ONLY looks for field entries that may exceed the total time of the flight.

I would include expansion for the ANALYZER TOOL in a wish list.

There are several other products on the market that will not allow an entry of NIGHT summed together with DAY to exceed the Total time. In otherwords, there needs to be some way to use the ANALYZE feature to look for more than Total time exceedence. There should be a way to analyze the sum of certain columns to not exceed the total time. DAY and NIGHT, PIC and SIC, etc.

There should be programming for example, that if the total time of the entry is 1.0 hours, that you cannot enter .7 for day and .5 for night.

The other products on the market will change the .7 to .5 in the day column, if you enter .5 in the night column. Or if .7 is entered in the day column secondly, the night .5 will change to .3 so that the total of day and night does not exceed the total duration of flight.

This should apply to PIC and SIC or any other type of divided time that the sum of cannot exceed the total time.

With all the features of LOGBOOK PRO, it is very tedious to go line by line to try to figgure out why the NIGHT and DAY totals over the last 30 years, do not equal my total time.