Android Data Missing


Mar 16, 2016
Hi.. I fear I know the answer to this but wanted to ask. In the process of switching jobs I had not used logbook pro for Android in about 3 months. I opened it today and it prompted me to login, which I thought was strange.. but did. And all the data is completely gone. Is there any chance it is stored anywhere and could be recoverable? There was about 2 months work which I would have thought was cloud synced but must not have been because when I synced the desktop app nothing came up.

Any hope? I don't have access to the flight records from that job anymore so if I can't recover the data it is gone forever.

Hi Chris,

There is nothing that will remove the data unless you purged it after syncing or deleted and reinstalled the app. Signing in again means nothing, it doesn't affect the data. If you synced the device to the cloud which should be done at the end of every use of the app then it should be in your cloud sync account ready to be imported into the PC if you haven't already done so. Do you have backups of your PC data?

Remember, cloud sync is NOT a backup, the data does not remain in the cloud. If you want full backups of your Logbook Pro entire logbook data you should be using Cloud Backup for Logbook Pro Desktop and routinely click File...Backup to Cloud. Hopefully you created and maintained a history of backup files from Logbook Pro desktop to help you.
Hi Neal,

Thank you for the response. You basically confirmed what I expected. I thought I had synced it but apparently had not. I'm not sure what happened to the data in the app itself.. my best guess is that my phone got an updated version of Android and maybe somehow in that upgrade the data got deleted. I did have full logbook backups of course.. but I hadn't synced the desktop version in a while(I use a Mac primarily).. so there was about 2 months of flights stored on the phone that disappeared. Such is life is I guess.

Thanks again.