Android/Google Calendar Integration?


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Aug 31, 2009
I believe this has to do with the integration of the Schedule Importer, Logbook Pro Android, and the Google Calendar.

My process is to import my monthly schedule into the Cloud, and then sync Logbook Pro on my Android phone to get the legs for the month. Coming from APDL for Palm, I am used to also getting each leg added to the calendar at this point. After syncing Logbook Pro for Android, all of the legs for the rest of the month show up in the flight log, and ALSO in the native Android calendar app. HOWEVER, I can't see any of the future legs on Google Calendar on the web. They will only sync with the web after I have opened and then saved a leg in the Android calendar app. Consequently, after I fly each leg, save it, and sync it, THOSE legs show up in the Google Calendar on the web too.

Is anybody else experiencing this? Can anybody see future legs on their Google Calendar on the web straight from the Schedule Importer?

(Yes, I have the correct Google calendar selected in the settings. The legs DO show up, but not until being saved in the calendar app).
I forgot to mention, that I am using a Samsung Galaxy S phone (Verizon Fascinate). It is running Android 2.2
Maybe I should start with a more basic questions, like does anybody else besides me even USE the calendar sync feature in Logbook Pro (for Android)?
I'd venture to say "most" do. However, as our software is stable and well documented people don't venture here so they probably won't see your post. Version 1.0.3 is wrapping up now and we added a "forced sync" feature that will hopefully remedy your issue although I've never been able to reproduce it.
Sorry I have not closed the loop on this issue before now. I humbly admit that it appears the problem was software related on my phone. I was on a custom ROM for a while, and for some reason it didn't allow all of this to work correctly. I have tried a couple of other ROMs since then, and they all work correctly with Logbook Pro. Sorry for the false alarm. On a good note, Technical Support was quite responsive in trying to research the problem and help troubleshoot it.

Sorry to hear of the frustration and time I'm sure you spent. I'm glad to hear you resolved the issue on your device which probably gives you some peace of mind about it as well. Thank you for letting us and other readers know. The Android app has been a huge hit and we're so happy with it riding on all the lessons learned from the iPhone app development the prior year to Android's release.

If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to send us a message. We are always thinking about ways to make these apps even better.

Have a great day.