Nov 26, 2010
Neal and the logbook pro staff,

I know you have been under fire from people like me and other android users about getting this logbook pro out for our phones. I just woke up today and noticed that it was on the market. Downloaded it and have been checking it out and so far I think it is amazing. I was using another type to get me by but so far from what I have seen so far you guys have made a superior product. I have never used the cloud sync and now that this has been released i decided to pay for the year seeing it wasn't that bad of a price. I can not how nice it is just to put my flight time in once and not have to worry about adding it into the pc. saves a lot of time and a lot of energy not to mention the extreme cutbacks on my errors ;) flying 100 hours a month and sometimes 7 to 8 leg days.... this is going to be a life saver.

I just want to say thank you for getting this software out! Great Job!

Thank YOU very very much for such a nice post. We are so excited for the new iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile apps and it has been a thrill to create and use ourselves. We are so excited with what we have in development for our aviation community both for airline and general aviation.

We are so glad you enjoy your software. Thank you again!
I was so excited when I got the email today...I've already imported my schedule for the rest of my trip and from my first interaction, it seems this is going to be easy to use. I was using an I-Touch to get by, now I don't have to carry that plus my phone. I'm looking forward to starting my day in a few hours to use the new app!

Thank you so much!