APDL "cannot be installed"


Jun 29, 2005
I am trying to install the APDL that I just downloaded from the Web site onto a Treo 700w. I am getting an error "'NC Software Inc Airline Pilots Daily Aviation Logbook' cannot be installed"

The very first time I installed it, it worked fine, but when I tried to import my month's schedule, I messed it up (separate issue). So I figured Id just uninstall and reinstall to clean up the database mess.

I can't reinstall. I believe that I first went to the Treo Settings to Remove the APDL program, and then later went to my computer to uninstall using the uninstaller. I have plenty of space available and have tried installing both on the Device and on my storage card.

Any ideas?

Separate question, when I did have APDL working on the Treo 700w, there was a small amount of left/right scrolling. Do you plan a new update to correct the issue?


APDL does not support storage cards, please install to main memory, the default location. As to the schedule importer, it is not yet compatible with WM5. Please use our web based importer until we complete the update to the Schedule Importer, which should be soon.
I must not jave been cleaar. It won't install to main memory OR the storage card (i tried both). Ideas?
On the Pocket PC OS, go to Settings...Memory... and check the Running Apps list and make sure it's not running in the background. If necessary and possible, try resetting your device. If the "Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook Pocket PC Edition" has been uninstalled already from the PC's Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs settings, you should be able to reinstall to your PC then it will reinstall to the Pocket PC device.
I had done everything that I could think of to make it work, short of doing a hard reset on the device with no joy...

The hard reset fixed the problem.