APDL crashing on app start up


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May 26, 2014
Was working fine. I added a segment to my pairing today and changed it to Pay Adjustment. The app will now crash upon start up. Closed the app fully. Restarted iPad and problem still occurs. IPad Air model number MD785LL/A
Try deleting the app and reinstall it, your data will copy back from the cloud unless you disabled it in settings. You can also try alternatives first such as put it in (or out) of airplane mode, power cycle the device, etc. and then last restore delete/reinstall.
I have the app on my iPhone 5S as well. I added the same pay adjustment and now the app on my iPhone is also crashing on startup. There's a bug in the program somewhere
Can you tell me what exactly you changed and we'll see if we can reproduce the issue. Try delete/reinstall and see if that allows you back in. If not please open a support ticket at NC Software Help Desk for further assistance.
Yes I needed to add a pay adjustment so I hit edit on my current pairing, then clicked the plus sign to add a segment. Then changed it from "block" to "pay adjustment". I added in 26 minutes of extra of pay and when I hit save the app crashed