APDL for Windows Mobile 5 (Treo 700w)


Jan 10, 2003

I saw you were recoding the Pocket PC Companion to work with Windows Mobile 5 and I was wondering if there are plans to recode APDL Pocket PC to do the same. I purchased the Pocket PC version of APDL but have had problems running it on my Treo 700w. I know it is not really compatible so I know why it doesn't work right. I am using my original Palm version of APDL on my Treo 700w using a Palm emulator called "Styletap". It is working great except that there is no way to sync. For the time being it will have to do. For all of those that are thinking of making the move over to the new Treo 700w I can tell you that Styletap is a dream program. All of my Palm software runs great on my new Treo. The Treo 700 is head and shoulders better than my old Treo 600.

Thanks for any and all help and keep up the great work.

Rich Bucholtz
Hi Rich,

APDL is already written under the .NET Compact Framework and therefore it doesn't require a rewrite, it is fully compatible with Windows Mobile 5 and ActiveSync all versions. The only problem you should experience, if you call it a problem, is scrollbars. You may want to try downloading/installing the .NET Compact Framework version 2 and see if that resolves any issues.

I investigated StyleTap and saw the problem was they have no synchronization methods. FYI
Hi and thanks for the prompt reply,

I have downloaded from a Microsoft web site the .net compact framework version 2 file. I'll install it and do a reinstallation of the Pocket PC version of APDL and I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks very much for the information.

I installed the .net compact framework version 2. There still are scroll bars. That isn't so bad. I'll use it for a while to see if everyhting else works OK and I'll keep in touch to let you know how it is going. I have noticed that when I install some programs they ask what size the screen is when they are being installed. Is it possible that the APDL for Pocket PC is formatted for a screen size that is something other than the screen size on my Treo 700w? Just curious if maybe something can be tweaked in the program to help it to fit the screen better and get rid of the horizontal scroll bar.

Thanks for all of your help and a great product.

Rich Bucholtz

Scrollbars are to be expected as the Treo 700w uses a 240x240 square screen. APDL is designed for traditional 240x320 and VGA versions 480x640 as stated in the APDL requirements listing. We're happy users can still use the Treo 700w, but with an application not designed for the 240x square screen, you're going to get scrollbars. We have no intention at this time to rewrite APDL for the smaller screen size. It's unfortunate vendors cannot keep the screen sizes consistent which cause these issues.