apdl install on samsung i600


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Jun 16, 2006
I have been a logbook pro and apdl user on the palm format for years. time for a new phone and i have the samsung i600 which is not palm but windows mobile 2003. im trying to get the demo software loaded to work out the bugs before buying, but can not get the software to install on the phone. the following message appears. "nc software inc airline pilots daily aviation logbook.cab failed to install on your device because the installation file is not intended for this device." please help i want to get back to logging time.

bummer. what are the phones that it will work with? and are there any other software options for the samsung i600

Please see our requirements listing for more information. The Palm phones work fine (Treo 650/700p), and the phones running straight "Windows Mobile 5" (not SmartPhone Edition) such as the 6700 I've heard work fine.
NC Software said:

"Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Edition" is a slightly different version from Windows Mobile 5. We are investigating support for the Windows Mobile 5 SmartPhone Edition.

Do you have a time frame for this decision? As in any time soon or years?