APDL Pay set up for Allegiant


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Sep 7, 2015
Anyone from allegiant have success setting up the pay feature of APDL? Currently it doubles my pay and I do not know how to correct it. I have tried turning off the pay features but it also turns off other inputs such as flight time. Here is the allegiants pay structure if anyone has any solutions

Min Guarantee: 70 hrs

Bonus pay: Anything above 81 hrs is 130% of base pay.

Any help would be appreciated.

Take care
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Send screenshots of the payroll setups you have configured for us to help you with the double pay issue.

To take a stab at the rest, I'd say set your guarantee to 70. Create a custom payroll category for over 81 hours and set it to "apply leg rig" on and set the ratio to 13:10 for 130%. Then anytime you go over 81 hours you would select that payroll category instead of block.
(Alternatively you could do the math yourself and use the override pay rate option)