Setting up Pay


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Jan 2, 2008
I could use some help setting up the pay categories in APDL please. We are guaranteed 75 hours per month with an actual or block (whichever is greater) per leg and receive 4 hrs for holiday pay which gets thrown on top of our monthly guarantee or actual flown (whichever is greater). Thanks.
Your company pays you the greater of scheduled block time or actual block time flown, for the entire daily scheduled block time (not a leg by leg basis).

Set (Leg Guarantee) = No & (Trip Guarantee) = Yes

By setting (Leg Guarantee) = No, you are telling the program to look at the sum of actual flight time flown for that entire day. It will use this number to compare to the scheduled block time for the day. By setting (Trip Guarantee) = Yes, you are telling the program to pay you at least the total scheduled daily block time.

Result? If you are scheduled for 3 legs for the day, and the total scheduled block time for those legs is 5.2 hours, but you fly it in 4.5 hours, you are paid 5.2 hours. I.E.: You get the greater of scheduled block or actual flight time flown for the entire day

In regards to the holiday pay set up a seperate pay category and call it holiday and do not check apply to flight. But have a min of 4 hours. then create a leg on the holiday.
I guess I should have been more specific about the situation.

Our pay is block or better on a leg by leg basis so I'll just do the opposite of your suggestion I assume. I'll check leg guarantee instead. We do have a 75 hr guarantee for the month but lineholders typically go over this anyway.

In regards to the holiday pay, I'm doing what you said but its still just crediting the day with the greater of 4 hrs of holiday pay or what we actually flew. Since I only flew 3:38 on the Jan. 1st, when you look under payroll summary for that day it only shows 4 hrs credit/pay. I've even tried checking above guarantee for the category "holiday" but it still does the same thing.

I'm not sure if you've thought about this or not but it would be awesome and probably cut down on a lot of questions if you could have airline specific instructions on how to set up the APDL. It might take a little work to set up but worth the while. I work for Chautauqua for anyone searching for specific airline setups. Thanks.
With the number of airlines, changing contracts, and contract complexities it is not feasible to create a setup configuration for each airline. Users are free to ask question and post on the message boards for other to answer.

In regards to your question. Set leg guarantee to YES and Trip to NO.

Are the 4 hours paid above guarantee or does it just count towards it? If it is above also check the above guarantee box in the Holiday payroll category setup.

Also remember, APDL is primarily desinged as a logbook first and payroll aid second. It most cases it can will come close but cannot accomodate all pay situations.

I know we have a lot of pilots at the RAH carriers using APDL. You may also want to see suggestions on the CHQ Lounge on how other pilots set theirs up.