APDL sync legs out of order in LBP using Zulu


Jun 2, 2005
I fly 80+ hours a month across many time zoans. I set up APDL and LBP to log in Zulu. I run into a problem whenI start a trip late in the calendar day that crosses over midnight Zulu. APDL handles this situation just like I want it to. The data transfers into LBP fine. The display is out of sequence.

Example: East coast Daylight savings

Leg Dep Arr Date Date Zulu
1- 2000z 2135z 7/28 7/28
2- 2210z 2345z 7/28 7/28
3-0030z 0200z 7/28 7/29

LBP will show 3, 1, then 2. The sync will put them into LBP all on 7/28.

How can I get LBP to show it in the same sequence as the trip in APDL(1, 2, & 3).

I read this from NCSoftware:
2) You can enter flights in any order as Logbook Pro will automatically sort by Flight Date on opening. The only problem is multiple filghts on the same day will sort first by Flight Date then by Entry Date/Time, so they must be entered in the order flown on a given day only.

Do I have to manually go back and change data every single sync? I would think there would be a parameter that can be set up to see this? Is there? Will there be?

Thanks everyone.

Logbook Pro (PC and PDA Companions) save a Date and Time each entry is initially saved (not edited) to preserve order of entry. We are investigating APDL's handling of this to ensure order of entry is preserved when sync'ing to Logbook Pro (PC). Your tracking number for this inquiry is CR 757.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Thank you for the fast responce.

It seems that I (along with a few others) are interested in editing the order of entry because of APDL or we sometimes mess up. Then, it would be nice tolock down the database's past entries to prevent corruption of the data.

That is how I would like to use it.

When using the 'By Leg' option in APDL SingleSync, it inserts each leg in order using the logpage's date.

As in this case, when a leg flown after midnight is encountered, it will be re sorted in LogbookPro to show an incorrect order. The same effect can be seen with Datebook enteries.

Work around :

Switch to 'by day' on page three of APDL SingleSync. All legs are entered into one entry.


In LogbookPro change the date of Leg three to then next day. Then in APDL SingleSync change the 'Sync on or after' date to the next day to prevent SingleSync from altering the data.

So in your case, change leg three to 7/29. Then set the 'Sync on or after date' to 7/30.

Fly Safe!

Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.
Hey Paul,

I understand. However... wish list?

As an airline guy, I like to cluster my flying by the trip in APDL (this is how we think at work... and APDL is a great work tool). If that trip crosses the zulu midnight, it is still the same trip and therefore the same grouping. When I sync into LBP, I'm not as concerned about the grouping like before in APDL. Maintianing the same lineir order or sequence of flying is now important to me.

In a future version, could APDL and LBP use APDL leg one as LBP leg one? APDL leg two as LBP leg two? LBP could sort via the order the leg was entered (with an edit feature to tweak a mistake), or date, or what ever parameter the user chooses. In my thinking, the date/time feild would just be another data cluster that APDL would know crossed over into the next date zulu.

This thinking will also apply to the standup (or nap crews) and cargo folks. The trip starts before midnight and ends after. In APDL, it would be nice (rest, duty, pay calculations, etc) if it were all included as one. The next day's trip will be considered a new trip. This sinerio would then sync into LBP as separate legs (in order) no matter which trip it is.

Did that make sence? How may I help?

Neal and I are looking into ways to accomplish both. Thanks for the valid input.

Fly Safe!

Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.
Just to pass on more information I learned. In the process of converting all my time into LBP, I found this type of miss order of legs logged does not happen using the LBP companion. It will keep all the legs in the order they are entered (like you said).

Their must be a way to tweek the APDL conduit.

Thanks again.
Logbook Pro and PDA Companions do a 'timestamp' of every NEW entry (not edit). That way we can sort by flight date and time entered such that flights on the same calendar date can be sorted properly. We have a case opened in our internal tracker to investigate this type of system for a future APDL update. Our 'ears are to the monitor', please keep the great feedback coming to help us perfect our software!