APDL Treo 755P Help


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Jun 8, 2008
I just upgraded from a Treo700P to a Treo 755P I had some issues with versamail which I called up palm to fix, well they fixed it alright she had me do a hardreset on my phone and poof 5yrs of APDL info gone. I went into the backupold file she had me create and reinstalled all the .prc files that were name airlinelobook and then hotsynced again, but now it asked me to re-enter the domicile time zones and etc. and all my times on my APDL are all screwed up. The timezones are all off, ex: the other night we finished a trip at 21:30 CT time and it now shows we finished 15:30. How do I fix this? or is there a way that I can sync all of my times from Logbook pro to my palm? Please help.
Please see KB 56.

It will tell you how to copy the files from your PC back onto your PDA.

If you need any further assistance please submit this request on a help ticket.