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APDL2004.exe TypeLoadException


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Jun 24, 2005
I've been using APDL on a PDA forever and just got this error. APDL2004.exe TypeLoadException
Now the program won't launch. Any idea how to fix it? I did a soft reset and no Joy!!

Hi Richard,

Has anything changed on the device? Not sure why you would get this, I do not know the cause. Try syncing with your computer/Logbook Pro to make sure your APDL data gets backed up, you may have to remove/reinstall the app.
I only changed the battery. I did the reinstall and thank goodness everything looks fine and all the previous data is still there. WHEW!!!!
Well, I thought I'd had success! It appears that using the PDA Wizard that it won't sync to LBP now........Any ideas why? All my info is there!
There's no reason it shouldn't. Did you enter your registration information on the device after reinstalling, if needed? Are you getting any errors? Is Windows seeing the device and refreshing the files on your PC after Logbook Pro syncs it?
It didn't ask to enter any registrarion info, I'm not getting any errors and Windows mobile is seeing the PDA. Luckly I did a sync before all this happened and I decided to enter a fictional flight to see if it would sync and it didn't. The schedule importer still works though.
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Ok, I found the folder but I'm confused as to which folder(s) to rename and why if they are all there!
There are folders with 6-8 digit identifiers, my suggest is rename them so they will be recreated by your device and not have a problem with overwrites if you have a sync issue. I want to make sure Logbook Pro is pulling in the latest file set from your device to troubleshoot the sync issue.
Happy to report that all is well. I didn't have to rename any folders..........I restarted my PC and just getting around to importing my last trip and worked perfectly. Thanks Again!