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Archieved Payroll


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APDL Beta Team
Oct 30, 2007
I have some custom payroll categories from my last airline that I have archived. They still initially show up as an option and can be selected. However, once I go back in they are now greyed out and unselectable. It does this on both my ipad and iphone. Please see screenshots.


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Interesting. So, it's archived, but still selectable. Why would it be selectable inside a trip if its archived? Why when you have an archived category selected everything is greyed out until you reselect a non-archived category?

I feel like there is value in crew members being selectable, when you have previously archived them, given you both could switch aircraft and end up flying together again. However, when I am selecting the current tail number I only want to view the aircraft type I am currently flying.

I think I would rather have a "show archived" switch in each area you can archive data vs one all or none in general.