Atlas Schedule Imports


Dec 6, 2005
Ashland Oregon
Just a wish list?
When Importing schedules from AIMS it would be great if the actual times (post flight) which are posted to AIMS on flight termination downloaded. As it is, I only get the scheduled times on the import.

Id like to change the default, CA PIC day/nite or CA PNF dday/nite. Seems like default is always CA PNF Day.

In our Flag operation, there are some less restricvtive duty limits that I dont seem to be able to set the leagality alarm for, such as Heavy Crew duty for 3 pilots, or 4 pilots. I always get a 16 hour limit but we have some restrictions as much as 20 or 24 hours if a DH is included on the tail end or a pattern or the trip is entirely DH.

Automatic Duty on and Off calculations for 1 and a half before scheduled departure for duty on and 30 min after block in for duty off. Seem only on of these are done automaticly. I never could add and subtract time.

Importing long patterns requires the Treo to be reset after each pairing on import to the device, this means removing the battery for every leg imported.

Thanks Jay