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Auto change a Route?


New member
Jan 27, 2006
The route auto fills from what I was last on. Can I make it reverse, without deleting and retyping. For instance "ABQ-DEN" and in the next entry get "DEN-ABQ"?

Similar issues with Dates. When starting a new entry, if I have clicked on an above entry using the spreadsheet log, the new entry date is what I clicked on. I've tried to click on the entry immediatly preceding the new entry to try to get the date closer to what I'm on yet it "sticks." I end up deleting the date and typing a new one- not a big deal, but I'm converting my paper logs to Logbook Pro, and trying to eliminate time consuming data entry-so far I really like the product. Just wondering if there is another "easy button" available. Thanks

There is no functionality to reverse a prior route entry in a new flight entry. One thing you may want to try with the dates is to press P for previously entered date or T for today's date, as indicated in the status bar at the bottom when clicked in the date field.