autofill custom "yes/no" fields?


Nov 20, 2002
I'm wondering if this is supported by LBP?

The documentation for autofill implies that it's available only for duration fields. Yet when I configure a custom yes/no field for a particular a/c type, and then configure the autofill options for that a/c, the yes/no field IS listed as selectable for autofill.

What I would like to happen is when I create a new entry of that a/c type, the yes/no field is checked by default, but this isn't happening.

User error, or missing capability?

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Yes/No fields can be selected and used for autofills. If selected it will always be YES.

When you create a new aicraft you do have to configure it manually. There is no way to copy autofill settings from aircraft to aircraft automatically.
Hello Karl,

AutoFill is "fired" (activated/executed) when the Duration changes. So if you have a Yes/No field in the Options...AutoFill for a specific A/C Type set to autofill (i.e. checked) then when the duration changes on a new flight entry that yes/no column should get checked. Is this not occurring?

Please be sure you are using version 1.10.40 and verify your Options...AutoFill settings.
OK, I see the problem -- I think we can call this a bug.

I do all of my data entry in the "windows style" dialog, rather than the spreadsheet style. I just checked it again, and the behavior you describe (autofilling the yes/no fields) does happen in the spreadsheet view, and does NOT happen in the windows view. Can we get this fixed?

thanks very much...