Autofill Tail Numbers?


Apr 20, 2004
Lets say I already have done this tail number in the past N1558E...

Then I go to do another entry with that airplane. As I start to type N155

Why won't the software autofill the rest for me so I can just hit the tab key and continue my entry?

I think it would make it much easier because now I have to type the rest of the tail number out or use the mouse.

This is annoying because I am using a laptop with a USB 10 keynumber pad. So, in order to enter the rest of the tail number I have to hit the numlock button. Then finish the tail number hit numlock again and back to typing.

Kinda annoying. The software seems to have the autofill function but it is falling short.

Hi James,

The functionality you are talking about is called "auto-complete" and this is not available on the Ident field. We are going to have this much improved on our next version when it is developed. When changing the Type, Logbook Pro will try to pick your last Ident used, to help make the data entry process more efficient. We will certainly strive to improve this in the future. Thank you for your inquiry.
Yikes! That was a fast reply!

Yeah, I think adding that functionality would be very useful.

Of course ... the next question is...any timetable on the next update?

Thank you .