Automatic Cross country time


Sep 4, 2005
Hello everyone! I have been using this logbook program for a while now and have just signed up for the referral service. I figured since I talk it up so much with fellow pilots and students, I might as well help pay for the upgrade to the pro version;-) I think the program is well written and has a lot of useful features. I use the out/off/on/in method of logging my time and I appreciate that it automatically fills in my "block" time using the out/in values. At the ATP level, you can log as "cross country" all of the flight time that originates at one takeoff point and ends at another, regardless of the distance. My request is this: how about allowing the program to automatically fill in my "cross country" time by using the values entered in the off/on fields?
Actually, at the ATP level, you can log it as cross-country only if the flight went 50 miles away from the original departure point, regardless of landing at a different point or not. If you didn't go 50 miles, it doesn't count, even if you land at a different airport.

To expand on this idea, I know there is an add-on that had a database of airports and can show your travels on a map. While currently this add-on seems like a waste of money to me, if the add-on was upgraded to identify flights to other airports that are more than 50 miles away and automatically enter the time in the cross-country column, I might consider getting it. Even though I'm not building cross-country time anymore, I still keep track of the ones that are more than 50 miles.
Actually once you have obtained an ATP License 61.1.b.3.i.C applies. While logging time to become qualified to APPLY for an ATP is in effect

61.1 Applicability and definitions.
(b) For the purpose of this part:
(3) Cross-country time means—
(i) Except as provided in paragraphs (b)(3)(ii) through (b)(3)(vi) of this section, time acquired during flight—
(C) That includes a landing at a point other than the point of departure; and
(vi) For the purpose of meeting the aeronautical experience requirements for an airline transport pilot certificate (except with a rotorcraft category rating), time acquired during a flight—

(A) Conducted in an appropriate aircraft;

(B) That is at least a straight-line distance of more than 50 nautical miles from the original point of departure; and

(C) That involves the use of dead reckoning, pilotage, electronic navigation aids, radio aids, or other navigation systems.
Yeah I read the post as logging cross country to apply for an ATP.

"Point-to-point" cross country applies to all pilots, from student to ATP. You just can't use it to apply for a certificate or rating.