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Axim with a bad pentium? :)


Active member
Feb 5, 2003

Unfortunately with my company I cannot import my schedules right now, so I have to enter them by hand.

Here's how I do it:
Enter the duty on time.
Enter all of my legs (in local time)
Select duty off, the correct time shows, end of block+15
Click done.
It gives me the regulation alert
I click on the duty on, then duty off, and the correct duty time shows.

Also, another weird quirk, when I enter the actual times for a leg, and select either the night or actual data spots, usually the block time shows up as a selection; however, this only works when that leg is at the top of the column that is displayed.

I have a Dell Axim X5, Rom version A04, with Pocket PC OS v 3.0.11171 (build 11178). I will check for updates...