Backing up my logbook?


Jun 8, 2006
I apologize for asking a question that has probably been asked a million times but here goes.
I finally got all my times into Logbook Pro and my logbook printed. It looks awesome. What is the best way to backup my logbook on my external harddrive in case my laptop blows up on an overnight or something? I would like to keep another copy of my logbook in a save place just in case. Is there an easier way to back it up than exporting it into Excel and saving it on my external hard drive? I see the archive function in there but I'm not sure what do make of it. Thanks a lot.


To create a complete backup of your logbook all you need to do is select FILE ARCHIVE BACKUP. This will create a compressed backup file (.bak). You then tell LBP where to save it. An external HDD or Thumb Drive are both good choices.
If you have a web based email such as gmail you can email the backup file to yourself. I would say Gmail is a safe place to keep it. In addition to backup CDs or thumb drives.