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Bringing Laptop into the Loop w/ Professsional Edition


Feb 13, 2004
I have purchased the Professional Edition so that someone else can do the data entry of my paper logs on their laptop and then from time to time update the data on my home pc. I have read the FAQ dated 4/1/2003 and still have some questions.
1) The example assumes that the professional Edition is installed and licensed on both machines. To do this do I download, install and unlock with the same code just as I did on my home pc?
2) As described in the FAQ, there are two scenarios for using both computers. Number 1 describes what to do if I will not be using the computers simultaneously to log flights. Since I will be logging flights at the same time on both machines can I assume that Number 2 gives me the directions that I need when it talks about the Synchronize Wizard?
Thanks for your help, -Bretman
Re: #1 - Yes, your license code is to be used on the two computers so it is licensed to the single pilot user

Re: #2 - If you are going to be using your home computer to log flights and a helper is entering your old data on another computer, then yes, you should resort to the Synchronize Wizard functionality.

Thanks for the reply. I have downloaded, installed and unlocked the software on the helper's laptop. Please walk me through the specific steps to getting the software to run on the laptop. I'm not sure how to reply to some of the choices: eg:"create new file", " open existing file", etc,. Will the file on the laptop need to have the same name as the file on my home pc? When we try to select any option from the boxes during initial setup we just get the hour glass as if the machine is thinking/searching and it will not stop. I think that if I can get the program running on the laptop I will be able follow the instructions in the video that deal with synchronizing. Please help me get started. Thanks, Bretman
I would avoid sync'ing unless required for simultaneous use. If you can, just create a backup on your computer and provide the laptop the .BAK file to restore (File..Archive menu area).

If the program doesn't appear to be working properly, I suggest uninstall, reboot, disable any virus or security software that may interfere with the installation and reinstall 1.9.5.

I am planning to use the laptop to enter years of old data while continuing to log current flights on my home pc. Once all old data is entered I will use the software on my home computer only. Is there a better way to do this than sync'ing the two computers? I thought that this was the reason I needed (and purchaced) the Professional edition. Why should I 'avoid sync'ing'?
The Professional Edition adds the licensing of two computers for one pilot's logbook and adds the sync functionality. A lot of people don't use two computers simultaneously therefore can use the simple archiving technique. The sync operation runs fine as long as you read the documentation and understand how to use the capability and ensure both computers are up-to-date with the same version. If an update comes out, be sure to sync first, delete the _clone file, update, then regenerate the _clone file and continue using the two computers.

I have followed the steps in the synch wizard video and established my pc as the master and also created a clone. The 'helper' laptop is half way across the country so I e-mailed the clone to be installed. The clone file was sucessfully downloaded but that is as far as we can get. When they try to import the clone it doesn't show up as available when we run the sync wizard on the helper computer, even though we know it downloaded OK.
1)Can we send the clone file via e-mail or does it need to be done with a disk,- should it matter?
2)Does the helper laptop need to be designated as the clone prior to entering flights. There are already a couple thousand hours on the laptop.
3)The flghts on the helper computer are about 3 consecutive years that chornologicaly would fit in the middle of all of my flight time. After I get these flights on my home computer I will not use the sync feature in the future. In a previous post you mentioned that I might be able to simply transfer the flights from the helper computer to my home pc. Is this still an option since the flights to be transfered will end up in the middle of the log that I have on my home pc? If so please spell out exactly how this will be done. At this point I am looking for the easiest way to get all of the flights on my home computer, with or without the sync'ing function.
Thanks for your help, -Bretman
When you created the clone, you may have done an export and created the .lbx file. If this is the case, the laptop needs to start the Sync wizard and Import the .lbx file for use. Here is what I recommend though:
  1. Create the clone from your Master
  2. Open the Clone (File..Open)
  3. Backupthe Clone (File...Archive...Backup)
  4. Now e-mail the .BAK file to your laptop, have them restore it (File..Archive..Restore)
  5. Open the Master for use on your computer
  6. When the laptop use is done entering flights, back it up and e-mail you the .BAK file
  7. You restore the .BAK file, then OPEN your Master file, run the Sync Wizard

Flights can be entered in any order as they will be chronologically sorted when Logbook Pro opens. For flights on the same date, they must be entered in order as Logbook Pro will preserve entry order for flights on a same specific calendar date.