Can a registration be transferred from Palm to Pocket PC?


Aug 16, 2005
this is probably a question you get a lot, but here goes...
i currently have a palm V and have installed the trial version of APDL, which i find very useful. i will most likely upgrade my pda soon, though, and may well get a pocket pc. if i purchase the registration code to unlock the APDL software, will that same code unlock the pocket pc in the future, or will i have to purchase a new code?

as another question: when the logged flights are transferred to logbook pro, am i able to convert the single legs values into a multi-leg day, like i can when i manually enter the information, or will the system just enter the values line by line? if it does, can i change this from within logbook pro?

The Palm and Pocket PC products are licensed separately and require a separate purchase. For the sync to Logbook Pro, check the SingleSync configuration (and documentation) on the 'By Leg' vs. 'By Day' preferences (wizard page 3). It must be set in SingleSync, it cannot be changed in Logbook Pro without manual entry.

reply to question 1: bummer. can we resell that registration to another palm user? i'd hate to just throw $30.00 away for short time use. i'm happy with the palm, but i may be forced to get a pocket pc, since i would like to get a cell phone/pda device, and have no control over which one t-mobile chooses.

reply to question 2: thank. i'll check that out. i'm glad there's an option.

another question: what's the difference between APDL version 6.0 for $59.95, and the normal APDL for the palm or pocket pc, which i have on my palm V right now.
Re: 1 - No, the license is non-transferrable

Re: 3 - APDL Version 6 is the new product released on 1 June. The one you have is a prior version by Auman Software. You can download the latest version from the APDL Portal on this web site.

is version 6 for both platforms, or only one or the other?
if it is only for one platform, how is it different and what justifies the additional cost?

Version 6 is licensed per OS, i.e. Palm OS and Pocket PC/Windows Mobile OS. Each platform requires its own development and support therefore we have to charge for those efforts, hence the separate licensing costs. We also invest quite a bit of time and money in our free services such as the APDL Schedule Importer and Web Based reporting utilities and have to cover the costs of the developers and development time to keep those free services updated.

Thank you for your inquiry.