Can anyone help?


Feb 9, 2006
Single Sync

Hello, I apologize if I've missed something along the line here, but what happen to the download for APDL Single sync? I got a new laptop and would like to have backup files in HTML format for printing out. I do have the latest version for pocket pc 6.0.5. Is syngle sync not needed anymore? Any clarification on the issue would be greatly appreciated, or a link where I can download Single Sync.

SingleSync has been phased out and replaced by the PDA Wizard in Logbook Pro 1.10.x. The PDA Wizard is totally rewritten to improve reliability of APDL synchronizations, allow more control over what is imported, date filtering, etc. The APDL Legacy reports can also be generated and accessed from the Logbook Pro Reports menu. You are also welcome to use the web tools on the bottom of the APDL Portal if desired.
I went to the link on the bottom of the portal page as you suggested, however it said that the report generated would not include approaches, position, or payroll information. If I want a full report it said I need to use single sync. I would like to have a full report. Can I still get a version of Single Sync?
Why do I have to purchase another program to get the same applications I did before for free? That was why I purchased APDL in the beginning!! I don't need/want Logbook Pro!
I need a little more explaination please. The web reporting utility tells us to use Single Sync for full reporting capabilities. For those of us grandfathered in, prior to the new PDA wizard, with the option of using single sync we should still be able to use that program since the program was available at the time we made our product decision. Had single sync not been available at the time, my decision on which product to purchase would have been different! Please explain, thanks.
Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I'll make a note to remove the references to SingleSync in the web utilities. You received SingleSync at the time of your purchase per your scenario, you are welcome to continue using what you received at that time. I'm assuming you saved the files you downloaded at purchase time. However, we no longer have it available on our web site as we have phased out that software and now rely on the PDA Wizard for APDL synchronization. We make available only our latest production releases and that is where we focus our technical support as well. If you have an issue, the first thing we ensure is that you're using the latest versions as we fixed bugs and added features to the latest versions that probably correct the issue that is bringing you to us for support.

Let me know if you have any further questions.
That would be the problem I'm faced with, my computer and everything on it (including the setup file for single sync) crashed and all was lost. So short of the long, I would like the setup file again so I can continue to print out full reports for backup against instances that just happened to me. I have to assume you still have the file, its just not available for download on the website. If you could send me a link (or whatever method you prefer) it would be greatly apprecited. Thanks
I'm afraid your only options are the web utilities or to purchase a license to Logbook Pro which will give you a better printout then SingleSync and also give you an electronic backup of your complete logbook.
Don't want an electronic backup, electronics fails, thats why I'm in this situation! Don't really want to to purchase another program either. You have no support for products that are out of date? I find it hard to believe it was just deleted.
Does anyone have the setup file for SingleSync 6.1.3? Computer crashed and dont have the setup file anymore. Thanks