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Can I Edit Entire Logbook On Mobile

May 31, 2015
Most of my 5ooo hrs of data entry has been logged on my desktop. I need to do error correction etc while I'm on the road and I don't possess a laptop. Before I buy the cloudsync, I need to know if the mobile can posess the entire logbook for line by line editing.

tThank you!
No, the entire logbook is kept on the desktop only. The mobile devices are only used for mobile entry and limited summary and report data display.

The entire logbook is not accessible from the mobile apps.
It is possible to edit entries from the mobile device that were originally entered on the mobile device, but the entire logbook is not intended to be kept on the mobile device as excessive entries will slow it down. Additionally, in your case, you didn't originally make the entires on the mobile device so that won't work for you.
What about if you save your logbook file to dropbox, couldn't you edit via mobile? Based on the above answer, how would one add the entries made on the mobile? via a sync? If so, what if mobile is lost after making entries, but before a sync?
If you want you can contact me privately, but I wonder can I just sync with dropbox? does the software allow you to choose the location of your file?

Always sync when you're done entering information or set the Sync on Exit option in Settings > Synchronization. No reason to NOT send your changes to the cloud, it's there to help you.
OK, and lastly. Is this cloud solution replicated, or mirrored elsewhere for redundancy in case the system crashes?

You cannot sync with Dropbox. It has to go in the NC Software system where it is databased and synchronized with your other data. It is not as simple as it may sound hence dropbox is not an option.