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Can you 'lock' cells like in excel?

Steve Mackay

Nov 11, 2002
You indicated in your reply below that if I wanted to vary the cost of an aircraft due to price increase I could export to excel do the math stuff and then import back to LPro.

However you said that if any time changes in an entry then LPro will re-calculate aircraft cost. Do you actually have to modify the time to a different time? ie If I go to an entry that was 1.5 hours and re-enter 1.5 hours will it recalculate at the latest aircraft cost?

If so is there a way to lock cells to prevent accidental changes occurring?



Give it a try, changing the values of the Duration and see on a 'test line' what happens.

Always make sure you do a backup (File..Archive..Backup) prior to test flying your ideas! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
I tried it and just by putting the cursor in the box the value isn't re-calculated but if you re-enter your flight time it does re-calculate.

Is there a way to lock cells like in excel to prevent unwanted screw ups?
Sorry, you did ask that, I usually don't miss, good thing I fly with my non-typing hand! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

No, unfortunately there is no way to lock the cells, however, I haven't heard of anyone having a problem with this.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
I might not make any screw up like that but then I might. Belt and braces is sometimes worth it.

It is not a big issue, I just wondered.