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Newbie questions


New member
Sep 15, 2010
I'm evaluating Logbook Pro to take the place of my previous s/w, which died and is no longer supported. I was able to save the key table of all my flight data as an Excel spreadsheet (and export it as a CSV file), so I'm trying to import it into Logbook Pro via the wizard. I also have paper logbooks recording all my flights. I have some questions concerning the wizard:

1. I'd like to preserve the logbook and page # associated with each entry, but there are no corresponding columns in the import wizard. How can I do this?

2. I log ground instruction similarly to flight time, so there's a record for each instance. If I set the aircraft make/model to GROUND for these sessions, Logbook Pro still wants me to tell it type, category, and class. Is there a way around this?

3. In 2., should aircraft identifier be blank or the instructor name? I know there's a separate INSTRUCTOR field already, but it says it wants a numeric value and all I have are instructor names (perhaps this is for instructed hours).

4. I assume the INSTRUMENT field is for actual IMC time. Is it possible to enter instrument approaches, or do I have to specify each type of approach individually in its associated (provided) field?


1. Please go to OPTIONS....CUSTOM TAB....Custom Text and create a custom text column called Logbook Page # or whatever you prefer.

2. Logbook Pro wasn't specifically designed to log ground instruction time but it can be done. You will need to set a type, category, and class in the aircraft setup. But your times for GROUND won't be included as you will not have a duration or sim value on thos entries with GROUND as the aircraft
-Goto OPTIONS...FLIGHT LOG TAB and uncheck the last check box that pertains to deleting entries without a SIM or Duration Value
-Goto OPTIONS...CUSTOM TAB and create a CUSTOM TIME field and call it GROUND if you prefer
-Goto OPTIONS...CUSTOM TAB and create a CUSTOM TEXT field and call IP NAME to enter your instructor's nam
(the current instructor column is for time spent flying as an IP or CFI)
-The aircraft tail number can be a - or GROUND if you prefer and the routing must also be filled in (per haps the name of the FBO/School) or a -

3. see 2

4. The approaches are logged under the approaches column. Just click on it open and select the hold or approach type(s). If you are import just an approach number just select ILS as the approach type and all approaches will be imported as an ILS. The correct approach number will then be shown in reports.

Let us know if we can be of any further assistance