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Canadian Support and more...


New member
Nov 6, 2008
It would be fantastic to see this program include options for Canadian Standards when it comes to reports. As of now the only reports are FAR reports. In some cases of maximum allowable flight times for Air Taxi, Commuter, and Airlines ops, (known to CARs as, 703, 704, and 705 regulations respectively) the max times differ.

As a side note on this one... Would be nice for a user to be able to CUSTOMIZE a report to their specific requirements to show any variable of flight times. For example, 365 day times, 30 day times, 7 day times, 90 and 180 day times. Not sure on the FAR stuff, but regarding CARs these times all have limitations on them. Sure would beat the good old summary bar data at the bottom. With that function in mind, one could also (and would like to see) TIME REMAINING.


How about some coloums for Duty Start and Duty Finish and split duty times? This is a beyond easy function for Excel.. can't see it being too hard to incorporate into this program. Duty limitations as per the type of flying one is doing would also be nice. Example, in the Canadian system under 704 operations (Commuter) one may fly 3, 12 hour duty days in a row, and then requires 1, 24 hour period free from duty.

Just some ideas.

Cheers to all and fly safe