Can't backup from within LogBookPro


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Sep 8, 2003
I was on RC5; made an entry today. I always backup to CDRW after an entry, but this time I got an error:
"Errors Encountered - 507/"
"There were errors backing up your logbook, please close LogBook Pro, start Logbook Pro and reatempt your backup"

So I did, but the same error still comes up!! So I update to 1.10 final release. Still the same error. One thing: I notice that I don't see the red progress bar when it says it wants to compact the database.

Any suggestions here? THanks!

The 507 error means an error occured writing the zip file. CD media is not supported for backup as described in the documentation. If you wish to maintain backups on CD media, first backup to your local hard drive, then use a program such as Nero or Roxio to copy the BAK file to your desired CD media.
I'll try that....

I'll try backing up to HD first then to the CD as you suggest...will you let you know.
That did it!

I backed up to the desktop first then moved it to my CDRW.

Thanks! Your support rules.