Problems with the new version


Oct 11, 2003
I am having two separate problems after installing the new version.

1. I get an error message when trying to back up my file. It reads:

Errors Encoutnered 526/320

There were errors backing up your logbook, please close Logbook Pro, start Logbook Pro and reattempt your backup.

The shutdown and restart did not help, I continue to get the same message.

2. The program refused to start on my iPaq. The icon is there, but the program doesn't start and it just slows down everything.

Thanks for your help.

Hello Eddie,

I suggest running a REPAIR and see if that resolves your issue. Go to the Windows Control Panel, Add/Remove programs and click the remove button for Logbook Pro. You'll get an initial dialog, choose REPAIR instead of remove.

As for the PPC, it sounds like something wasn't installed properly. I suggest purging Logbook Pro from ActiveSync and your PPC and reinstalling EXACTLY as indicated in the documentation.

Thanks Neil. It all worked. Everything is working fine now. One other question. When I used to use the program on a PALM after inputing my OUT time the OFF time, etc. would start at that time rather than the current time. Was that changed for a reason, or is it different on the iPAQ?


Hi Eddie,

I'll have to take a look into the PPC functionality and see if there is a reason for it functioning the way it does which may be different than the Palm. I'll make a note of it and if it can be changed to match the behavior of the Palm then I'll make sure it's in the next PDA round of updates.