Can't import trips

Cory Wolf

Jul 25, 2005

I've been off on medical leave for about six months and am now just coming back online. I haven't used the schedule importer since last August. I just tried to import my trips for the rest of the month and it isn't working. I cut and past them just like I used to after selecting the ASA (Flica) format. I hit continue and it takes me to the page where you can review/modify the days of the trip. It is here that something different is happening. When I click on the "click here to import this trip to your PDA", it takes me to a screen that has the details of the trip with a bunch of <s and >s around the all the data. If I remember right, it used to just say that your trip would be imported on your next sync. Then you would click on the link to import another trip and you would start the process over again.

What do I need to do to get my trips imported?


Using a Pocket PC and I have the latest version of APDL.

It is possible that the format changed to some degree and we need to update the filter. You can also try our online import to see if that gives better results. If you have the same issue with the web-based(online) importer, fill out a support ticket for this and include the trip as well as a detailed description.

The importer is at: