Can't install PPC companion.


Jan 22, 2007
I have downloaded the newest version from your website. (1.10.16)

I have tried installing from my desktop and from my storage card, but have had no luck with anything.

When I try to install from my PC I get ... " Unable to save file: C:\windows\downloaded Installations\{3017b8f0-3929-42a3-94145-A544cb6 (and I cant read the rest of the numbers)

The System cannnot find the specified path.

If i click OK then I get a Browse for folder.

I have extracted to desktop and run the file, extracted to a temp dir, extracted to my storage card.

Running out of ideas.
I'm not sure the cause of this issue on your PC. Go to the download site and download Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion again. Do not click "Run" but instead click the Save (or Save As...) option to save to your local hard drive. Then double-click the downloaded file to begin the installation. Otherwise you may also want to try going to the folder in the error message such as C:\windows\downloaded installations\{3017b8f0...} and delete it. Before doing any of the above, reboot first.
OK figured it out....

Virtualization in VISTA strikes again.

Neal I have many NDAs that preclude me from discussing things, but contact me via email and I can explain what needs to be done.
Same problem. Someone please help!

If you're using Windows Vista ensure you have User Account Control disabled per this article, reboot, make sure you are logged in to Windows as an Administrator and reinstall.