Can't run APDL on Windows Mobile 6.1


New member
Oct 22, 2009
Hey all,

Thanks for taking the time to try and help me out here.

I recently bought a new phone, The Samsung Saga, and I'm running Windows Mobile 6.1 professional. I downloaded APDL and run the installation process. A couple seconds go by and I get an error message that says 'APDLPocketPCSetup' is not a valid Pocket PC application. Anyone else experiance this? Or am I not doing something right. This is my first computer phone... I'm thinking/hoping the latter.

Thanks guys!
APDL is installed to your PC, not your Pocket PC. It will be installed to your connected device during the PC installation. Please see the installation instructions at the bottom of our download page. You can also review the documentation online as well by clicking here.