Certificates and Ratings Not Sync'd with Program


New member
Jan 8, 2004
I just purchased Logbook Pro. I inputed my certificates, ratings, and flight medical info (as history) and when I sync'd up to my pocket pc, it doesn't show that information.

I understand that the pocket pc is an add on device, but shouldn't I at least be able to keep a tab on when my medical expires using the pocket pc?

May not be a way, but I was curious! Program looks great by the way!

As you mentioned, the PDA Companions are not meant to be logbooks on the go, however I do see your point of noting when a History event expires. There is a workaround. As you know, Currencies ARE downloaded to the PDA so all you have to do is create a currency that is your Medical with the History Item as the one currency item. This actually works nice because it never needs to be updated, it always checks the entire History area for the latest one then retrieves the expiration. This would then provide you the necessary information on the PDA.

Hope this is an acceptable solution.