Changing from PDA to Pocket PC


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Aug 21, 2006
I currently have a PDA and I am interested in getting Log Book Pro for both my PC and my PDA. However, it's possible that in the near future I may upgrade my PDA to a Pocket PC.
  1. Is there compatibility between these two devices?
  2. Would I need to buy a whole new add-on for my new Pocket PC?
  3. Will my files/program carry over to a new device?
  4. Would there be an additional charge to convert from PDA to Pocket PC?
  5. Lastly, I though I saw a trial version on your web site, but now I don't see it. Where could I find that?
Jonathan Sweatman
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Hello Jonathan,

I assume when you mention "PDA" you are referring to "Palm OS PDA" which is how I'll address your question.

The Palm OS PDA's and Pocket PC PDA's cannot interchange data, this goes for both the Logbook Pro PDA Companion software as well as APDL (airline pilot edition). Licenses for each are also sold separately, so if you have a Palm OS license now and buy a Pocket PC device, you will need to purchase a Pocket PC edition license.

You can download evaluations from our web site by clicking here. Basically all of our software downloads as an evaluation of which restrictions are lifted when entering your purchased license code(s).