Changing from SIC to PIC


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Dec 14, 2005
I'm upgrading to PIC in the same aircraft type - CL-65. If I go in and change the autofill options for this aircraft to PIC from SIC, will it only affect "new" entries from this point on, or will it go back and take away all my SIC time and make it PIC time also?


AutoFill only fires when the Duration changes. So it will not go back and affect prior entries UNLESS you are editing a prior entry and changing a duration which may cause AutoFill to fire again on that editing record.
Hi Neal,

to the same problem I have the following question.

I have flown several hours on a SA 227 Metroliner. The aircraft is certified FAR 23 Commuter. Now, with German Regulations I am able to log those hours flown as MCC times ! If I change now in the Autofill Options the SA 227 on MCC as well nothing happens ! As mentiones in the above Threat ...

Is there a way to change all SA 227 Entries to MCC time logging without changing the duration ? I have more then 1000 entries for the SA 227


AutoFill only works when creating a new entry and/or changing the duration of an existing entry. There is no way to make a change to 1,000 entries without possibly exporting the data to Excel, making the change via a search/replace or formula there, then importing it back.
Is this still true today? And if so, is exporting to Excel, modifying the data, then importing back into logbook pro the best solution?