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Checking for errors

Damon E. Nolting

New member
Sep 25, 2003
New user here,

I was just entering in values for first pilot, copilot and total pilot time. I entereda time that I thought should be caught by the program, by having the first pilot and copilot times excede total pilot time (Duration). But, there were no warnings and the error check said the log book was correct.


Can you confirm you created custom TIME fields in Options...Custom or did you create them as TEXT fields? E-mail a backup to support@nc-software.com (File..Archive..Backup) and I'll take a look. Also confirm you are using 1.9.4.

I just changed duration to read total pilot time and changed the other feilds that had the same meaning that were already time feilds. Do I have to create new time fields if I am just changing the name of feilds that should have the same relation to each other. Then do I have to modify how they relate to each other some where.