Resolved Cloud backup not working


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Feb 4, 2007
Just paid for cloud backup. When I tried to backup to the cloud it said I don't have a subscription. Might have used a different email address. How can I get this to work?
I tried changing the email address under accounts/email and password to match the other subscriptions, but it is not letting me. It says user name already in use. Strangely, they both have the same user name (gmail account) but the new subscription (cloud backup) has a different email address ( Even though I am not changing the user name, it won't let me change the email.
Also, I was able to manually drag a backup file that I dragged from VMware to my Mac desktop to the cloud on the webpage in safari, but I am unable to backup from LBP.
Your purchase was made on a domain, I found your other email account that has your subscriptions tied to it which is your gmail account. I transferred the cloud backup to your gmail account. Subscription purchases need to be made using your NC Software account where other subscriptions live, if not then contact us and we can transfer them. It should work now assuming Logbook Pro is signed in with your gmail account.