Columns in Spreadsheet view


Apr 24, 2006

Everytime i open my logbook in spreadsheet view, several columns are always moved to a diferent place and i keep moving them back but it they wont ever stay after i close and re-open logbook pro

any idea's how to keep them where i want them?

Hello Erik,

When you move or resize a column then close the spreadsheet log it is supposed to persist the layout. I'm not sure why it's not occuring on your system, I am unable to duplicate this issue. Confirm you are using the latest version which is 1.10.18. If no, please update and see if the problem persists.
I just upgraded to 1.10.18 2 days ago and was hoping that it would resolve the issue, but it is still present.

iim not sure whether the problem is resident in my database or thesoftware? i can try to uninstall the progam and do a fresh install and run a restore of my backup
You can try resetting the layout in the spreadsheet area (click far left icon on sub-toolbar then choose the RESET layout option). Then close and reopen and see if that clears it. Otherwise please contact me via a support ticket and I'll give you steps to one other area we can try. Include a backup of your data file so I can take a look at that as well (File..Archive..Backup).

You may also want to go into the Options...Flight Log then click the Config Display button and try the reset/default button.

One last option, now that I'm thinking of it, after creating a backup of your data file, try the File...Rename feature and rename your flight log data file. See if that makes any difference as well.